Trade support

Export arrangement agent

Do you find it cumbersome each time you have to create an Invoice/Packing list and communicate with costoms brokers?

Stressful procedures including:

・Use of Japanese language

・All paperwork including invoicing

・Customs formalities for exportation

・Miscellaneous transportation instructions

・Selection for means of transport like LCL, air cargo, courier (FedEx) or post office (EMS, Air, SAL)

We undertake these tasks.


Product purchasing agent

We purchase products in your place while you communicate with us entirely in English.

When purchasing a product, have you ever worried or run into trouble when communicating

in Japanese, placing orders, completing payment procedures, and coordinating deliveries?

Leave the communication with other companies to us.

Contact us with your inquiries and requests in English,

and we will negotiate with other companies in Japanese.

You can rest assured as we arrange everything

from your quotation request to product purchasing to delivery of a product to your specified location.